Because we care about your health, we have adopted all the security procedures to guarantee you a stay in safety, health and relax !

At the reception you can consult all the protocols we are adopting.

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Cleaning and Sanitizing.
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two luxury apartments with painted ceilings in the heart of Rome


amazing house on the sea in the picturesque village of Atrani

Who is Donna Giulia?

a little bit of our history

Donna Giulia was born in 1911 in Salerno. She was the third daughter of Eng. Antonio Santoro and Baroness Francesca Pizzuti of Montecorvino Rovella. She and her original family lived in Palazzo Santoro, in the large apartment on the second floor – where now is “Donna Giulia, Luxury House”, so called in her loving memory. She married Engineer Francesco Roma, Professor of Mechanical Engineering of the ancient University of Bologna. She had 7 children, to whom she dedicated most of her life .
When her husband suddenly died in Pittisburgh in the United States of America for a heart attack during a conference to which he had been invited as a speaker, Donna Giulia was 48 years old. So she undertook the management of a farm in the Pontine Plain, achieving important awards and prizes in livestock breeding and agriculture. She was a special, independent, modern woman for the times she lived: mother, wife and successful businesswoman. She died in her house in Rome in 1986, surrounded by the affection of her children and the beloved nineteen grandchildren.
Today the daughter of Donna Giulia and her family manage the guest house and they love to make you feel at home, with the elegance of the past.